Dev Blog – August 30, 2016

Ahoy swashbucklers!

We wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening behind the scenes on Pirates of the Polygon Sea development.

Now that the shark week, ship names, pirate AI, and balance patches are behind us, we are shifting gears towards tackling the larger additions to our game: adding multiplayer, including more playable characters, incorporating additional ship abilities, installing a new victory system, and unleashing fearsome, never before seen aquatic beasts into the Mythic Sea!

Due to the large amount of development time and testing required for the inclusion of these game elements, we will be switching from smaller weekly patches to larger monthly patches.

We want to make sure we do as good a job as we possibly can with these new additions (while not breaking anything), so we are going to take our time to do it right.

Thanks again to everyone who is playing, giving feedback, and supporting us – you are an integral part of this game’s creation.

We welcome you to sail with us as we embark upon this new phase of development and hope to find you upon the high seas discovering long-lost treasures, fighting fearsome sharks, battling dastardly pirates, and fleeing whatever new nautical horrors the Mythic Sea has in store within the coming months...


- The Praxia Team