Early Access Launching Soon

Ahoy swashbucklers!

For the past several months, the Praxia team has been hard at work on Pirates of the Polygon Sea, raising sails, securing rigging, and furiously swabbing the poop-deck in preparation for Early Access.

We are excited to announce that Pirates of the Polygon Sea will be going into early access on July 12, 2016 before an official release date near the end of summer 2016.

For indie game developers such as us, Early Access allows us to do two vital things: 1) it provides us with valuable feedback from players that helps guide the final stages of game development, and 2) it grants us an influx of additional funds, allowing us to make as many additions and improvements as possible before release.

The Early Access version of Pirates of the Polygon Sea will feature all core game systems, including fully-realized (and awesome!) ship-to-ship combat, dynamic weather, a large variety of ships, worthy AI opponents, fearsome sea creatures, player events, and more.

Multiplayer will not be available at the beginning of Early Access but will be added soon after, well in advance of the game’s full release – rest assured, we want to get you battling each other on the high seas as quickly as possible!

As we march towards the release date, we will be adding tons of new content, including additional ship models, more player abilities, more ship upgrades, more music, more creatures, more environments, more characters, and more… everything really. Judging by how much we were able to include for Early Access, you can look forward to many, many additional features over the coming months.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued interest and support for this project and look forward to hearing your tales of nautical adventures, glorious victories, and crushing defeats in Pirates of the Polygon Sea!

Thank you again for accompanying us on this adventure, and may the blessings of the seven seas go with you.

-          The Praxia team